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Is there any limit for creating server objects?

Users were happily creating server objects since an year. Now the server objects they are creating are not being saved. Even bookmarks aren't getting saved. If it shows off as if it is saved it cannot be retrieved. Any idea why this can happen all of the sudden? Also is there any limitations for the users how they can create?

Please let me know. Any knowledge shared is greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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Troubling to hear this.  Have you registered this with support?  Which version are you running and have you tried reviewing the .SHARED through the PowerTools?


QlikView Server SR's after SR4 are known to behave (better) when handling large amounts of shared objects. From SR4 on, the QlikView Server software contains a Shared File Cleaning Tool that can be used to analyse problems with Shared Object repositories (the .SHARED files in the Document Root). See the end of the QVS release notes for more information.