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Issue with AJAX

Hi all,

Recently I experienced some issue when using AJAX cliend instead IE Plugin.

I have 2 qvw documents and I need to make a bidirectional document channing between these 2 documents.

The first time I make it, it works perfectly and it passes the values correctly among the 2 documents.

The problem is when one document call the other for second time using AJAX client and the values are not transfered.

Instead of transfer values and states the document channing functionallity keeps the previous values from the first time.

It's a little weird because it only happens if I use the AJAX client, with IE plugin and the qvw application works perfectly,

anyone has faced this issue before?

I uploaded 2 documents (EXAMPLE A and EXAMPLE B) in order to provide a practical test of this issue,

as you all can observe, it works perfectly with the desktop application.

Thanks in advance.

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