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My QV Server license just disappears after every Server reboot (Only when there is a high RAM usage).

The scenario is as below.

The RAM usage in my application server is high (due to high usage by user/dashboard) and the server comes to a standstill, the QVS fails and hence i had to reboot the server.

After reboot ,The QVS service is down and lef and license information in the QMC are blank without any values.

I had to manually add the serial/control number and bring back the services online.

My server is not in cluster.

This happens only when i reboot the server after high RAM usage.

Normal reboot does NOT cause any issues.

Any idea why this is happening ?



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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Sanjeev

I was some problem like this.

this because after some test with config files and bad restart.

the problem fixed it deleting .shared and .pgo files from active documents.

I worked reasign all licenses, and create aditional session objects. but the problem "licences disapears" no more.

i home my experience worked it for you.

Best regards