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Named CALs & Session CALs


Can someone explain how does Named CALs & Session CALs works? - In details

We know that once Named cals is up, session cals will be used? but how?

Says i have 10 named cals, 3 session cals.

20 users are given access to QV apps, but not all users have been connected.

So, what will happen when 10 users connnected to QV server and start using the appl?

and what will happen to the 11th connected user?

i saw there's some panel in QVEM, that we can assigned cals, but this can be manual or automatic or dynamic (if we checked the box). as soon as a user is connected, they will be assigned name cals, then i also see the x button, when u click it, it says quarantined until a certain time. what does it mean?

is session cals something we can manually assign to some user? or it just happens automatically?

and base on the number of users - 20, i obviously do not have enough lic? or i have? knowing that they will not all connect at the same time?

and will name cals expired? after a certain period? or it's the session cals that will expire?

Thanks if someone can clarify my doubts on the above...

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Hi ten,

the Extranet Session CALs work the same way as Sessin CALs in the "normal" QV environment.

See also my comment above. There is no unlimeted access and I bet there will never be one.



Contributor II
Contributor II

Can some one explain what would be the impact on the environment(server memory) with large number of open sessions.

Does the user really need to qlikview close the application to end his session.




I have changed my server client, now I get this message when trying to get a document



If I delete the CALS from this screen, will the problem disappear in 24h?