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Creator II
Creator II

No Active User and QVS.exe still gobbling up RAM


We have a very hefty server with over 600GB Ram.

At the moment QVS.exe is using over 70% of this RAM and there are currently no active users ....  Can anyone help as to why this may be happining

I have installed and run Governance Dashboard and although it is showing high RAM usage on a daily basis it doesn't give any insights as to what is causing this issue?

We have two quite large and complex applications :

1st:  1.8GB in size, over 120m rows and 35 tables

2nd: 4GB in size, over 200m rows and 40 tables

Any help appreciated,


EDIT : I have checked QVS Statistics and it is showing a number of open documents but no active users... Could these 'Open Documemts' be causing the RAM uptake?

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Creator II
Creator II

Qlik might be using the RAM for itself towards  the cache. Based on the working limits (lower) set up qlik starts freeing up the cached memory once it’s reached lower limit. Ideally there should not be any issue. If you want to free the memory you can restart the server. 

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

There is nothing wrong - it's the designed behaviour.

- Marcus


QVS will use as much RAM as necessary and won't release it up to the working set limits as Ramya indicated. The default value for the Low Working set is 70%. You can confirm this in the QMC > System > Setup > QlikView Server > QVS@ > Performance tab. And, as Marcus stated, this is working as designed.

Have a look at the Qlik Support article QIX Engine Memory Management and CPU Utilization for more details.

Sr. Technical Support Engineer with Qlik Support
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