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Problem with icon-size on high-dpi Screen in QlikView Desktop.

Hi everybody,

I am working on a new laptop for a week now which has a 2.560 x 1.440 Pixel resolution. I am using Qlik View Personal Edition 12.0.20100.0 SR2 on Windows 10 where display scaling is set to 200%.

With this high-resolution display the charts, fonts and most other objects in Qlik View documents are scaled correctly. However, the icons in the menu and task bar are tiny. Also the table structure view is extremely small and barely visible.

Are there any solutions for this?

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We have the same problem with scalability with one of or large high resolution monitors. So i did the "High DPI scaling override" trick and it works. But now I have encountered another issue. We have in our qlik application multiple buttons which trigger macro's that open and adjust excel files.

The macro uses: 

Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")




But the weird thing is that now the excel document that is being opened has al messed up scaling issues. Below a small example. The rows and collumns become way to large but also in the general excel interface there are scale issues.


When i open the same excel file manually there are no issues. So it seems qlikview is transferring its "High DPI scaling override" setting to excel when we trigger it via macro.

Does anybody know a possible solution to this? (opening excel via macro is a must, because we add and alter things in the excel file automatically)


Best regards





Are you on the 64 bit Excel?  

We are finding the 64 bit version of Excel offers multiple issues that can't seem to be resolved. (we use office 365 click to run version)

So you have to do a complete uninstall of office 365 and reinstall the 32 bit version.  This may just clear up all those issues.

it did for me.  Also clears the nprinting issues.


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