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Publisher - Qlikview application randomly hangs


Has anyone experienced issues with your apps (in Qlikview 11)  where your Qlikview application randomly hangs and will not open on the Access Point?  

We are experiencing this with a couple of our apps.  What we have found is that the Shared file for that app is appling a lock on the file and not releasing it - which then locks all other users out.   Once the lock has cleared the application will open as expected.  We have to wait for the lock to clear on it's own.  We have not found a way to force the termination of the lock at this time.

We have also noticed that that the IE Session does not always quit once the browser has closed.  You must go to the Task Manager and do a forced kill of the IE executable.  We are not sure but we believe this may be related.

We are however, able to open the Qlikview App from the Server with the Desktop Client even when the Shared file is locked.

We do have a case open with Qlikview but wanted to poll the community to see if anyone else is experiencing similiar issues.



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Hi Boopathi,

I am having that same issue, on one large application, but not on the smaller ones.  Did you get a resolution from QlikTech regarding the locking?  If you did not, I may also open up a ticket.

I have restarted each of our clustered servers QVS services and that usually releases the locks.  Also, I've noticed some corruption in the shared file, so I'm not sure if that's there before I restart or if the restarts are causing it, as I cannot look into the shared file while the lock is in place.



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Hi Bryan + Boopathi,

we are having the same issue and contacted already support but did not get any concrete solution yet. For us only one document shows this behavior, it appeared the first time 1 week after the upgrade from v10 to 11.2 but the shared file of this document looks OK. Same for us: when we restart the QVS the lock is cleared and the document can be opened again.

Did you get any resolution in the meantime?


Mr. Rossi

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Hi Mr. Rossi,

What seems to have worked for us was clearing the corruption out of the shared file, as we've not seen any further lockups once that was completed.  So, as that's what fixed our issue, I have not opened a ticket with QT just yet while I monitor for other locks (none so far going on a month).  The downside of course is I still can't say for sure if the locked file caused the corruption or vice-versa.

Note that on the powertools, doing a defrag may actually cause corruption per a thread from Bill Britt I cannot for some reason find right now.  So what I am doing is "save" from the file menu to overwrite the .SHARED file (it keeps a backup copy of the original with a date as well).

We are also on version 11, but not yet on 11.2, so I can't say for sure if your issue is related to the .2 release.