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Contributor III


Good afternoon, I'm writing in reference to a problem we are having in the QMC console since one of the programed tasks didn't execute correctly although it reported to do so. Normally, if the execution is interrupted or presents any inconvenient its status should be "Failed", but while running a validation for this tasks during the weekend the status appeared to be "Completed" and Duration = "-". Since every time we launched the task the results appeared to be the same we chose to eliminate and create it again, and after doing this everything went back to work properly as usual. The only change that was made that could be relevant to this issue is that previous to the last weekend there was no QMC console dependence between this task and another one that was logically dependent (and should have been console dependent). Here’s a screenshot of the old and the new structure: So, to sum up, ¿What could be the cause of this error? ¿How can we prevent or avoid it? ¿Are the actions we took the only solution? Thank you for your time.

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Former Employee
Former Employee

Abraham, your screenshots did not attach, so I really cannot offer a whole lot, as I would need to know version, architecture, reload engine or publisher etc...  If you can provide further information, I may be able to come up with something, but the only thing I have at the moment is something became corrupted int he QDS App Data side of things, and you deleting and recreating the task basically recreated the task in the QDS side fixing the corrupted one there.  The way things work here is all the things you do in the QMC write out to the QVPR files that only the QMS service manages.  The QDS will check with the QMS fairly often to see if the Workorder checksum has changed or not, if it has, then the QMS will resend all the Task and Trigger info to the QDS service which the QDS writes to its App Data path, so you really have duplicate information, the QMS and the QDS each have their own copies of things, which is good, as this way if the QMS goes down, things keep running, you just cannot change anything until the QMS is back online.   I suspect what happened is the task info related to that task in the QDS side of things became corrupted, so in reality you did do the best thing you probably could in this case by recreating the task.  You can check the QMS and the QDS Root_date log for hints as well as the actual task logs for the particular task to see if they shed any further light upon things too.  This is the best I can offer with what you provided.


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