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QMC Scheduled Reload Warnings


I have warnings on a couple of documents, checked the logs and it is stating a section access issue.  However, reloading from the document is fine, running the task from the QMC home page is also fine and running the task from the QMC>UserDocuments>Reload page is also fine.

The documents don't always carry a warning, it seems to depend on the mood of the server or the wind direction.  What would be the best way of determining causes of intermittent reload failures?



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There is a difference between reload errors and reload warnings.

If there is an error, the reload task will be cancelled and your .qvw will no be updated.

If there is a warning, the task will be completed.

I found warning just when a step in the reload task takes a very long time to complete. For example, before loading a table from the database, I had to call a stored procedure. This procedure took a very long time to complete, without any message to qv server. During this time, a warning is created.

You can check this post http://community.qlik.com/message/61456 that describes the same situation.

Hope this helps,