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QV 11 Compatibility issues


We're using Qlikview 10.3 at the moment, and want to upgrade to Qlikview 11.

I have a few questions about compatibility -

1. We are using a lot of EDX tasks to enable users to refresh models through Access Point. I noticed the EDX implementation has changed in QV 11.

Will the old Macros in the models still work with QV 11?

Is there anything that needs to be changed?

2. Most of our users are using IE Plugin. Is there a new Plugin version for QV 11?

What will happen to a user that will not upgrade the plugin? Will he be able to work with server 11?

3. I want to make sure that all tasks, liscences, named and doc CAL assignment and all other settings will not be erased in the upgrade. Can I count on that?

4. Is there anything else I forgot - i.e. is there anything that works now in QV 10 but wont work in QV 11?



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In general your best bet will be the release notes, manuals and searching in the community.

1) Read about EDX changes here:  http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-2650

2) This should work although you will not obviously be able to leverage 11 features

3) Best bet is to read the upgrade / migration white paper here:  http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-2647

4) Again best to read the release notes - it is listed there.

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When trying to load the document about EDX changed I get the error -

"It appears you're not allowed to view what you requested. You might contact your administrator if you think this is a mistake."

Can you please repost it?

By the way, I tried loading QV 11 on a test server, and it turns out that the EDX triggers aren't working.

Can someone please post a simple solution to this the "none programers" among us


>1. We are using a lot of EDX tasks to enable users to refresh models through Access Point. I noticed the EDX >implementation has changed in QV 11.

>Will the old Macros in the models still work with QV 11?

EDX macro like you did in version 10 will not work in QV11.

>Is there anything that needs to be changed?

See the documentation Arthur linked to.


The document should be now available. Sorry but there appears to be a bug with the community software that we are using where this occurs.

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Hi, and thanks for the replies!

We tested QV 11 on a test server.

Upon testing we discovered something disturbing - Documents that we worked on with QV Desktop 11, failed to load on QV 10 SR4 server, even though we haven't used any new features.

Further more - when trying to open such a document the QVS crashed.

The user openning the document recieved this error -

"The server is currently out of SESSION and USAGE CALs".

On the event log we got this error -

"Restart: Server aborted trying to recover by restart. Reason for restart: Internal inconsistency, general exception detected during document open."

I finally resolved this by deleting the PGO files, and the "QVPR" folder, then reinstalling QV 10 SR4 (a simple re-install didn't work), now everything seems to be fine.

So I would not recommend anyone to use QV 11 Desktop with QV 10 SR4 Server.


Hi everyone,

this last post sounds a bit scary to me, since I may need to run a QV11R2 server (which loads the data) and a QV10 server (I assume latest release, but must recheck), which should deploy the apps to the end user, in parallel for a certain amount of time.

The release notes of QV11 R2 seem to state quite clearly that file formats should be compatible (chapter 1.3).

So, are there any known issues in exchanging qvw files between server versions QV10 and QV11? Especially with forward compatibility?

I know that new QV11 features are not supported in QV10, but leaving this aside?

I hope Arthur may find time to give a short feedback.