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QlikView Server - Quarantine question

Hi, Just a quick question about CALs and quarantine. I have users who accessed the system once and will not need to again. When I click to delete/deallocate their license, some have gone altogether but some has come up as quarantined. I can't find the rules for the quarantine in the manual, which doesn't really mention the issue.

Can someone tell me the rules - is it related to the user's last time of access (and this is why some just went, because they hadn't accessed recently enough to need quarantining)? I do understand the reasons for having this feature and I'm not questioning that. Basically I'm writing notes for our support guys and I want to be clear on the consequences of them kicking the wrong users and how they can tell.



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i think the only rule is "users who accessed the system for more than 24 hours ago are deleted, others are put in quarantine"


Hi Keith,

Here's an excerpt explaining the quarantine of CALs:

If the CAL has not been in use for the last 24 hours, it will be
deleted immediately. If the CAL is currently being used or has
recently been used, it will be marked for deletion, and not allow new
sessions for user access through this CAL, but will still occupy an
allocated spot until the Quarantined until time. During this period,
you may undelete by clicking the Undelete button. After the
quarantine period, you may delete the entry manually (by clicking
on the Delete button), or restart the QVS service.

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The language in the User Document section of the QMC under the Document CAL area says 'The CAL can be formally deleted (either by restart or manually) after the given time'. If you choose the assign a specific person to that document and then want to remove a person who has accessed the document in the last 24 hours the procedures are not clear as I have restarted all the of services with no success and do not understand the manually remove reference.


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Same issue here:

I have no "quarantined until" limitations and I am still not able to "automatically" clean up the non quarantined CALs.

I restartet every QlikView service, but that did not help. The only option is to manually select the CALs and click the "delete" button, which just is not "automatically".

Thus the remark (* The CAL can be formally deleted (either by restart or manually) after the given time) either misleading or incorrect, as a a "restart" of all services does not help and the only option is the manual deletion!

Any advice?!

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I restarted all the qlikview services but the Cal is still in quarantine.

I need to delete that CAL and add another CAL instead.

It is so annoying, It should not make decisions for me. I want to delete that CAL, What's that to it?


I had the same issue. The 24 hours where long gone and still not able to delete the CAL.
Service restart, but still no luck. But eventualy I succeded.

1) Delete the user
2) Apply -> giving the quarantine message
3) Restore the user
4) Apply!!!!
5) Delete the user
6) Apply

This was the solution for me, especially do not forget the Apply in step 4.

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Thanks for you answer!!!

Had the same issue here, and your hint saved a lot of time for me 🙂

Seems to be a bug?

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Thank you. I had the same problem. With your step-by-step solution, I could finaly delete a couple of users

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Hi Patrick, I had the same issue (QV don't release CAL) , by I apply your step-by-step workarround and all works fine.