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QlikView external access via Azure AD Application Proxy

We have an request about an documentation from Qlik. The intention is to configure Azura AD Application Proxy for QlikView to get external access. 

But via Azure AD Application Proxy we see the loading start page, but the content of the access point is not shown. I have looked at this with the log's, the login script is sort of waiting for the parameters from the proxy. Do you know how to configure an Azure AD Application Proxy to access QlikView from external?

We tried a few more things, but had no success. We would now like to check whether this could be the fault:

The page is not rendered correctly

You may have problems with your application rendering or functioning incorrectly without receiving specific error messages. This can occur if you published the article path, but the application requires content that exists outside that path.For example, if you publish the path https://yourapp/app but the application calls images in https://yourapp/media, they won't be rendered. Make sure that you publish the application using the highest level path you need to include all relevant content. In this example, it would be http://yourapp/.

Today the users access the accesspoint via http://name/qlikview, the question from Kieser is now if it would be possible to access http://name/ directly and QlikView itself can do a redirecting to the "subpage" "qlikview". We are in need of help, we are not getting anywhere.

We tried to to turn off "Pre-authentication" in Azure Application Proxy?  But this don't alleviated anything because this Azure setting only says that the user calling the URL must first authenticate to our tenant. IF we turn that off, then just anyone can call the URL.

Thanks a helpful input.

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I can't answer the Azure question, but you can change the URL to just server name. See article below


@Serkan   You can try using Configurable LDAP DSP in the Directory Service Connector, however there is a caveat you have to run QlikView Server in DMS security mode, and also configure you own Auth page or use Windows to do the Authentication in the Web Server.  I would highly recommend Professional Services since they are vast with knowledge of Implementations/Configuration and may have done something similar.  You can approach your Account Manager to start the engagement.