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Partner - Contributor II

Qlikview Desktop 12 slow screen refresh hi-res screen


I have an Dell XPS 9560 with 4k  (3840 x 2160) screen resolution and when I installed Qlikview 12 I noticed a lag on screen refresh from qvw files.

When I make any selection in the dashboard, it takes some seconds to refresh all the charts and tables.  I tried with 1920x1080 resolution, even the screen image getting messed up, but with that setting, Qlikivew just works how it is supposed to, really fast screen update.

Did anyone have this issue and found a solution? It is really annoying have a powerful machine and get a slowy Qlikview dashboard.

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It may happen not only to QlikView, but any Windows application. Check here, among others, on how to set up the scaling of an individual application:

Adapt scaling for a specific app - Microsoft Community