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Qlikview: QMC Tasks showing as "Unrunnable". All the services are up and running.


We are facing an issue while running the tasks in QMC. Sometimes all the tasks show as an "unrunnable" state even though all the services are showing as running.

It seems like QDS is getting hung, After restarting the QDS, tasks were showing as normal. I'm not sure why it is behaving like that.

But when we restart the QDS, all the scheduled tasks were automatically failing and we are manually refreshing the applications again.

We tried reducing the QMS chunk size to 50, increasing the MaxReceivedMessageSize to 26214400 on the QMS config file.

Also, we added "ForceReadNotificationMilliseconds" value="20000" in the QDS config file to force more frequent communication attempts between QDS and QMS but no luck.

Anyone faced a similar issue, or please help me understand what is causing this and the necessary actions to resolve the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards


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