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Qlikview Server sizing and Capacity Estimation(CPU, RAM) for multiple Applications/Dashboards

Hi ,

Looking for advise and calculations on Capacity estimations and calculations for the below mentioned situation.

Basically for CPU and RAM , in case of 75 new applications / dashboards to be added to the current environment as mentioned below with already existing ( 51 ) applications and Server KPI status as mentioned below.

Case study:

In my case I have 2 applications servers with 51 Applications running on them with below mentioned information.

I am expecting 75 more Applications/ Dashboard in this environment to be added in next 6 months and want to estimate the capacity ie if more CPU & RAM are required and how much.

Could you please help me out with the calculations and make me understand too...Many Thanks in advance..!!

Below are the current status of some important KPIs

currently 2 application servers are available ( mentioned below )


System nameSystem FunctionSystem typeCPUs numberCores numberMemory size (GB)OS FamilyOS Type
Server 1Qlikview Server 1PHYSICAL220256WindowsWINDOWS SERVER 2012 R2
Server 2Qlikview Server 2PHYSICAL11648WindowsWINDOWS SERVER 2012 R2

Some basic KPIs and counter ( current status) for all the 51 dashboards


Current APPS in the iViewinsight Prod Environment51Daily Total ( Max )
KPIMax / HrAverage / Hr
Concurrent Apps12.004.4212
Concurrent Users16.005.5016
Max CPU26.004.7126
Max RAM (GB)250.53241.49251
Total Sessions75.0028.63687
Total Users50.0017.54457

Server Performance as of now with 51 applications


Max CPU Load observed during month10% on both servers
Max CPU Load observed during month5% on both servers
Max RAM Utilization Observed during month65% - 75% on both servers
Max RAM Utilization Observed during month70% on both servers
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I'm researching CPU and RAM as well for QV. Just curious...were you able to determine what you needed?  Thanks