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Reading .meta file into Qlikview


I am currently managing a large number of users using the QEMC via Document Authorization. Is there a way to read the .meta file into Qlikview so i can view the user list that is stored inside?

I am currently using Qlikview 9.0 SR6 in DMS mode.

If I am unable to read the .meta file directly into Qlikview, does anyone know what format the file is stored in?

Lucas Blancher

BizXcel Inc.

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Hello All,

I am reading through meta files to get groups associated with each dashboard using the above code and I am unable to read through few meta files. The code being used seems to skip the whole file and not retrieve anything. Iformation is retrieved from majority of files but I am facing this issue with few files.

Did you face similar issue? Could anyone help with reading the .meta files?


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I know that this is an old post but I stumbled across it while looking for the same information.

The newest version of the SharedFileViewer in the QlikView Power Tools (found on this site) allows you to read the meta files. You can even extract information from the meta file and export it to an XML file and then import it into a QVW.

The tool offers a console mode which would allow you to do this via command line as well. A syntax example would be: C:\SharedFileViewer\QvSharedFileViewer.exe "C:\QVSourceDocuments\Document.qvw.meta" -ExportAll "C:\Temp\Document.XML"

Contributor III
Contributor III

This has been very useful for me as we also prefix user names with domains, so I am able to search for certain strings. However, I have a case whereby the number of users assigned to a specific document is so great that I believe the data is being truncated when being loaded in and we're therefore missing some of the users listed later in the file.

Have you come across this and if so, have you found a way to prevent the truncation?


thanks, really helpful


Where did you get the Commands for the Tool?  are there any examples how to use the console mode. IM not having much luck.


Found them here https://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-5903#comment-16160:


QvSharedFileViewer.exe "C:\Documents\MyDocFile.shared" -EXPORTALL"C:\Documents\MyDocFile-Objects.xml"

QvSharedFileViewer.exe "C:\Documents\MyDocFile.shared" -EXPORTBOOKMARKS "C:\Documents\MyDocFile-Bookmarks.xml"


Hi Daniel, do you know which of the server API are we referring to?