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Server Folder Configuration

Is there are recommended configuration for Folders on a Qlikview v9 SR5 server?

I have Publisher/QVS installed on one server that is acting as reload and UAT server, and the Production QVS installed on another. The source files are on reload server and the user files are on a shared file server.

I have configured base forlders for UAT and Prod, but when I manually distribute an application, I can't select a sub-folder.

I've been using batch files and Windows scheduled tasks to control reloads, but I'd like to use the Publisher's functionality. At this point, I don't fell that it has the flexibility I need.

Any suggestions would be appreciated,


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You can add additional folders to QVS and configure distribution task for use those folders, hope help.


I was hoping that the interface was more robust and that I could just set the base folder and publisher would allow the placement with a sub-folder. I can reload a file from a sub-folder on the Source Documents tab, but I don't have the same flexiblility when storing the file on the User Documents side.