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Standalone Publisher server for Distribution only

I am in the process of setting up a Publisher server as a standalone server where Qlik Admin should be able to publish the user documents with the required reload criteria.

1st Question

I have commissioned a new VM for this purpose and will have the QDS, Qlikview Directory Services running on this. The QVS and QMC has been setup on a separate VM. Qlikview 12 is what we are setting up.

Is there any specific best practice I need to consider for this setup to complete?

2nd Question

Need additional help with another issue.

I had used the RMS to migrate the tasks from the current server (QVS+QDS+QMC running together) to the new Publisher only server. This has created a conflict with the currently running tasks. I understand this is obvious as has resulted in creating tasks with same document ID.

Is there a better manner to migrate the tasks?

3rd Question

How can I remove the tasks from the new Publisher server and clean-up the entire server? Any option other than uninstall.

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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

  1. Migrating from a single machine to a two server setup is pretty straightforward. There are multiple discussions and resources that detail the necessary steps, for example: Server and Publisher on different machines | Qlik Community and Qlikview Server and publisher services on multiple machines.
  2. You can move the QVPR to the second machine running the new QDS (and QMS). Do not forget to change all old hostnames into the new ones in all xml files. See: Promoting QlikView Server Refresh Tasks to Production Environment
  3. I don't understand. Do you mean "...remove the tasks from the old Publisher server..."? That's not really necessary, because QDS+QMS will only use QVPR task definitions from their current location. But you could delete all tasks from the old location by cleaning up the QMC before you migrate the QMS to the new machine, and after you've made a backup of the QVPR.



Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

1. I would argue strongly that you should put the QMS (which you refer to as the QMC - the QMC is part of the QMS service) on the same machine as the QDS (Publisher), for good architecture. Both are considered "more" back-end, than QVS. Also, having the QMS communicate locally with the QDS will improve performance and also decrease risk of network being an issue between those two services. So, QVS  (+ QVWS or IIS) on one machine, and QDS and QMS on another. The location of the DSC doesn't matter as much in my opinion.

2. I think you might have made a mistake here, since reload tasks (and everything for QDS, really), is located in the QMS database (the QPVR), and not in QDS. The QDS only stores the workorder that it gets from the QMS. So, there would be no need to remotely copy the tasks like you did, since you never made a new QMS. And if you would have moved the QMS, you would just have taken the QVPR database with you to that new machine, reset the app keys and restarted it. So, what you would have needed to do, only, would have been to install QDS on a new machine, and then point to the new QDS services in the QMC, and set the new app data folder for QDS, and then restarted the services. It's not easy to know, but that's the way it is.

You can read more in the Qvs 11 Upgrade & Migration Tech Brief. It should apply to Qv12 as well. See page 34; "Distribution Service": QV 11 Upgrade and Migration Document.pdf

3. As I said in #2, the tasks are not in QDS, they are in the QMS. Since they are now duplicated, they are most likely in the same QMS (QVPR database), since I don't see any reference to a second QMS.

Questions from me:

a. Did you install a second QMS?

b. What remote QMS did you connect to when you did the migration of tasks?

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Thank you Stefan.

Below are the answers to your questions.

a. Did you install a second QMS?

Yes. QMS was installed on the new Publisher server as well.

Old Server - QVS+QDS+Directory Service+QMS

New Server - QDS+Directory Service+QMS

b. What remote QMS did you connect to when you did the migration of tasks?

I connected to the QMS on the new server. The Remote Management Service was used to migrate the tasks from the old server to the new server.

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Thanks Peter. I will work on it today and respond back with the results.