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Stop and Start Services April 2020


I previous had the following batch script to stop and start the Qlikview services on Qlikview v11. 

I have now got the latest version Qlikview April 2020 but I have noticed  a new Qlikview Service called "Qlik Service Dispatcher" anyone know what this service does and should it be part of stopping and restarting the services as a scheduled Windows Task.

I presume I will need to change my batch script to the below now:


@Echo off
REM -------------------------------------------------------
REM - File: QlikViewServer10_Stop.bat
REM - Description: Stop all QlikView related services (v10)
REM -------------------------------------------------------
echo Stop QlikView Services
echo ======================================================

net stop "QlikView Server"
net stop "Qlik Service Dispatcher"
net stop "Qlikview Directory Service Connector"
net stop "QlikView Distribution Service"
net stop "QlikView Management Service"
net stop "QlikView WebServer"

net start "Qlik Service Dispatcher"
net start "Qlikview Directory Service Connector"
net start "QlikView Distribution Service"
net start "QlikView Management Service"
net start "QlikView Server"
net start "QlikView WebServer"

echo ======================================================
echo All QlikView related services have been stopped ...






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Hi @denwo2010.

The Qlik Service Dispatcher service you see in the Windows Services applet pertains to the LicenseService@ you see in QMC > Status > Services.  The Service Dispatcher service is installed along with the QlikView Management service (QMS), so in a multi-node environment, on the server that is also running QMS.

Have a look at the Qlik Support article What is the QlikView License Service and Qlik Service Dispatcher? and ping back if you have further questions.

Best Regards

Sr. Technical Support Engineer with Qlik Support
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Hey @denwo2010

This article would help you with the start-stop order of the services. https://community.qlik.com/t5/Knowledge-Base/QlikView-Service-Recommended-Start-Stop-Order/ta-p/1713...