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Partner - Champion

System requirements for Extranet Server

Morning Qlikkers,


any one know if there are specific hardware software requirements for a Qlikview Extranet Server??


Best regards



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As far as I'm aware, no. System requirements are for versions of QlikView Server (Extranet is a different license, not a different product).


However, it is likely that

  • you have different apps published, but the same sizing principles apply than to a "normal" QlikView Server
  • and that extranet users use a different method of authentication than internal users, although this is more a configuration topic.


EDIT: Worth mentioning in addition that, unless it has been changed recently

  • QES only uses Session CALs (or even Usage, but not Named or Document, again, a configuration topic)
  • If Workbench is used instead of the built-in Ajax client, then yes, software requirements such as .NET versions will apply, depending on the custom development

Make sure you are familiar with the contents of the LEF file for the QlikView Extranet Server(QES), as it will likely contain different provisions than that of a standard QlikView Server. In particular, the NUMBER_OF_DOCUMENTS;X;; provision limits the number of QVWs available on the AccessPoint.

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