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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Update QlikView Server v11.00 to QlikView Server v November, 2017

Hi all
I need your help! I need to update the version of my server QlikView Server 11.00 to QlikView Server November 2017, since this latest version is compatible with Safari 10 and version 11 is compatible with the safari version 5. Therefore I can not visualize the access point with the QVS version 11.00 since I have the safari version 10.

My Doubt is:
Can I update version 11.00 to November 2017 directly? or
first I need to update version 11.20 and then 12.0 and 12.20 and finally November 2017 ?.

I have never made an update and I do not know if I can have problems with my settings when updating a version, therefore I am afraid to perform this test.

What I've researched in the community is that to update to the November 2017 version, the SSL, QVProxy and QlikViewCal certificates are deleted and a new certificate is installed, so what should you do to back up those certificates and save them, when you perform the update of the November 2017 version load the certificates that you support from MMC.
This last is what makes me afraid to perform.

I hope you can help me clarify my doubts
I wait for your comments

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Digital Support
Digital Support


You may find a lot of your questions answered here (kb 000047422). It'll also explain behaviour changes and known issues. You'll also find resource links to preparation articles for your upgrade.

In general: Upgrading directly from 11.00 to November 2017 is possible. No steps are required in-between, but as for any upgrade at all,  we recommend backing up your installation before you begin. The exception is if you want to retain your current CAL assignments, as those would be lost due to the .pgo file structure having changed. See kb 000019180 for details.

If you use Certificate Trust between the services (this is how you find out if you are - kb 000043236), there is no need to backup and restore your old certificates. New certificates are generated and installed automatically the first time you start the QlikView Management Service.

I am not sure what you mean with "QlikViewCal" certificate, unless you meant the user and document CAL assignments, in which case the KB article above applies. 

Please also keep in mind that an up to date license for your QlikView environment is important. If the license is not up to date with its maintenance date, 12.20 (November 2017) will not work.


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