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Users cals, document cals being dropped

We had a problem with a Qlikview users access being

I had adjusted the named user CALs in
Qlikview by adding one person (Person#1) and removing another (Person#2).

Yesterday the access was verified with Person#1.


This morning Person#1 was not able to login to Qlikview. Upon
checking the Management Console Person#2 was still a user and Person#1 had
been removed.


There have been other instances where users have been removed
from the user list, both Document CALs and Assigned CALs

We do not have dynamic cals checked.


Any thoughts/ ideas?

2 Replies
Specialist III
Specialist III

Not Sure of a Perfect Solution to your scenario but we can definitely check the CALs added or removed once the App is reloaded.


Sounds like a scenario where changes are made to CALs but because the apply button wasn't clicked, when you go back to later, it seems like things changed back like your Person#1 and Person#2 example.

You can also enable QMC Audit logging to log when and who are changing settings in QMC.

Take a look at the "Management Service – QVManagementService.exe.config" section in the Server Reference manual (page 59) in my version.

QlikView Server in normal circumstances doesn't automatically remove CALs.

Check the QlikView Event log if there aren't any PGO errors.