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Xml properties and server

If I use this function ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject( "CH01" ).WriteXmlPropertiesFile "C:\MychartProp.xml"

with a file that is published from server, the path to export is a path of server.

How can I export the xml properties file on client?


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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi All,

I am also facing a similar problem. WriteXMLPropertiesFile Function doesnt seem to work for me. The below statement executes without any error, but does not provide any output files.

oQVObject.WriteXmlPropertiesFile "D:\TEST.xml"

oQVObject is a declared SheetObject. I am able to get values like Caption, Object Id, etc from this object. However, WriteXmlPropertiesFile doesnt seem to work.

Appreciate your help.

Thanks & Regards,

Raajesh N

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi All,

Found a way to resolve this issue. Here is a copy of the script used by me.

Sub getQlikViewObjectXML(strFileName As String, strFolderPath As String)

    Dim oQVApp As QlikView.Application
    Dim oQVDoc As QlikView.Document
    Dim oQVSheet As QlikView.Sheet
    Dim oQVSheetObject As QlikView.SheetObject
    Dim lSheet As Long
    Dim lSheetObject As Long
    Dim strXMLFileName As String
    Set oQVApp = New QlikView.Application
    Set oQVDoc = oQVApp.OpenDocEx(strFileName, 1, False)
    For lSheet = 0 To oQVDoc.NoOfSheets - 1
        Set oQVSheet = oQVDoc.Sheets(lSheet)
        oQVDoc.ExportSheetLayoutFile ("C:\Temp\" & Mid(oQVSheet.GetProperties.SheetId, 10) & ".xml"), oQVSheet.GetProperties.SheetId
        For lSheetObject = 0 To oQVSheet.NoOfSheetObjects - 1
            oQVSheet.GetSheetObjects(lSheetObject).WriteXmlPropertiesFile (strFolderPath & Mid(oQVSheet.SheetObjects(lSheetObject).GetObjectId, 10) & ".xml")
        Next lSheetObject
    Next lSheet

    Set oQVSheetObject = Nothing
    Set oQVSheet = Nothing
    Set oQVDoc = Nothing
    Set oQVApp = Nothing
End Sub

This statment seems to work

oQVSheet.GetSheetObjects(lSheetObject).WriteXmlPropertiesFile (strFolderPath & Mid(oQVSheet.SheetObjects(lSheetObject).GetObjectId, 10) & ".xml")

However, if I declare a SheetObject (like the one below) and if I use WriteXMLPropertiesFile - then the desired output is not available.

    Set oQVSheetObject = oQVSheet.GetSheetObjects(1)

    oQVSheetObject.WriteXmlPropertiesFile ("C:\Temp\SheetObject.xml")

Experts can correct me, if am wrong.


Raajesh N