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executing qvw files on a qlikview server


I have been successfully executing qlikview files (.qvw) using QV.exe ( code is written in a batch file so that it can be automated via windows scheduler)

We don't have QV.exe on our qlikview server. My question is, is it possible to execute (from command line), a QVW file using either QVS.exe or QVB.exe ?

Or is it the case that a .qvw can't be executed (from command line) without using QV.exe ?

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You can reload documents from the command line using the distribution service.  See section the following section in the QlikView 10 Server Reference Manual...   25.2 Reloading a file from the command line

The syntax is "QlikViewDistributionService.exe -r=d:\myapps\document.qwv -out=d:\logfiles", but you must first configure the service to accept command line requests.

It sounds like this is just a symptom of the underlying problem.  What version are you using on the server and on the development platform?

I've experienced similar problems with version 9, but it usually relates to:

  1. Macros being executed as part of the load, which distribution denies
  2. Connecting to a 32 bit ODBC driver, from a 64bit QlikView service (this is corrected in version 10)

Hope this helps,


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thanks, hopefully this should work.  will let u know in case i still face an issue.

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i m using qlikview 9 currently


Which version (32/64 bit) of the following are you using?

QlikView Server

QlikView Development Client