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Champion III
Champion III

"Connection lost" problem if use different clients


Here is the problem:
I open a server-based QV application using QV Desktop.  Next, open another session with AJAX client.  When I'm switching between these two clients, getting "connection lost" message and have to reopen.  Well, AJAX reopens by itself but still a problem...
No problems if both sessions are Desktop (or Plugin), or both are AJAX.  But the ability to use Desktop and AJAX at the same time by the same user is a requirement.
Is it possible to eliminate "lost connection" in this situation? 

Thank you,

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The Machine Name option is no longer available so that doesn't come in play. If you want to open more than one QVW with different browsers you will have to use session CALs.


Bill - Principal Technical Support Engineer at Qlik
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Creator II
Creator II

Hello Michael

i have a similar problem and maybe you can help me out here.

There are several users in our enviroment and they open documents mostly with QV Plugin (in future only Plugin).

They are experiencing often the issue with lost conn to server.

I've already unchecked the following option on QV Management Module "Allow Only One Copy of Document in Memory" , but the problem occures still (i currently measuring wheter the occurence intervall got smaller by now)

The same qvw document is opened by same users diff mashines and/or diff users diff mashines.

Shell I change any setting in document properties? (like Refresh during session; Client triggers refresh; server triggers refresh..)

I want that same users do not share a session on the same document.

Is that possible? (Only NamedCals are avail)

Thank you in advance