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trigger a qlikview task at a specific time AND with completion of a prior event?

I have a series of qlikviews that need to load. One task can be scheduled at 6am; another needs to start at 9:30. Is there a way to schedule the 6am task and then have the other tasks start if and only if that task has completed successfully?

I can't "daisy chain" them otherwise because we need to wait until 9:30am for this downstream task to run and the other tasks can be unpredictable in how long they take to load. Problem we have is that starting at 9:30 the total tasks take 1-2 hours, but if I could run some of the tasks starting at 6am, it would allow the final tasks to finish much sooner. Also when the tasks fail, it would be better to be able to start troubleshooting sooner because we have to produce the report every day and on the weekends and if something breaks, it takes 2 hours total to reload it all and people in the office until 8.

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Only with the QV server you can't because there is only a single trigger available - either on a certain time or triggered from another event. I never used it myself but AFAIK by using the QV publisher it's possible to define multiple trigger for an application.

A workaround might be not to use the QMC else the windows task planner. There you could create multiple tasks - but you will need some additionally measures to set/read various parameter/information like the last filetime/value of a qvw/qvd or a parameter output to ensure that the tasks work reliable.

Another approach is to split your origin task into multiple smaller parts - recommended is at least the use of a 3-tier data-architecture and if the datasets are huge even more small-scale and also including incremental approaches.

- Marcus

Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Dave, I am not sure how Marcus picked up that you were running just the Reload Engine, but here is the Help link for that regarding what triggers are available, have a look at that if you are running the Reload Engine and shout back if you have questions, but from what I read, it seems you should be able to use the On Successful Completion of another task trigger here, but I may be missing something.


Oh, there is a dependency feature as well in the Reload Engine, so be sure to check that part of the Help in the link too.


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