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unable to access database when running the apllication through IE?

I am unable to writeback into a database while using the qvw application when running it through IE or chrome? Can someone suggest a possible solution.

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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Hello Ajit,

If a reloaded document is published on the AccessPoint has picked up data from a database, it cannot be altered by the end-user. All end-users are clients, and when reloading the document one is just reading, not changing data (although transforming is possible). Possibly through a macro or triggering an external program within the QMC, if a developer has access to that.



Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

HI Ajit,

There is extensions objects like qlikplan , qlikobjects and more that allow you to writhe back to the source data like to an SQL dabase or an excel file.