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what is the format of my useraccount based on hidden user accounts in Active directory?


I am trying to distribute a report (pdf) with the publisher, if I look at the Distribute manualy tab and open Distribute by Email, the left side (results) is empty, if i type *productie* i get the entry visible : PRODUCTIE$, behind this I think all my company users are listed but it seems to be secured or hidden ($) ??

If I hoover over the name PRODUCTIE$  i get somehting like hrc/productie$

I want to know the formatting of the useraccount in order to use the Loop field in document which i want to poplulate with my end user,

for example PROD\ABC123

I am also struggeling which check user identity on to select, I think I need the UserPrincipalName,but not sure.

I hope someone can help me out?

Kind regards,

Linda Monincx

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Hi Linda,

Although there is a more extensive explanation on the different AD fields here, UPN is used when the form that the user must provide to authenticate is like user@domain whilst sAMAccountname is the user less than 20 characters length used in authentications like DOMAIN\USERNAME. The field that corresponds to DOMAIN is NETBIOSDomainName

Hope that helps.