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Partner - Creator

[2] Mixing Standard and Synthetic Dimensions in the same Table

I had the following question earlier today:

To be  clear: Let's say I need to show the total sales of last year in the first column (named "Last Year Sales"), total sales of actual year in second column (named "This Year Sales"), and the following columns come from the "Month/Year" field and show the sales in each month of the selected values in "Month/Year" field.

The first 2 columns will always be there, but the Month/Year columns depend on the field selection. I thought about using the field "Month/Year" inside the ValueList() function, but I couldn't make it work properly.

This part of the problem was solved in the following link: Re: Mixing Standard and Synthetic Dimensions in the same Table

The problem now is that  under each "Month/Year", I need 2 expressions to be calculated: sum(Sales Amount) and sum(Sales Quantity).

In the columns  "Last Year Sales" and "This Year Sales"  these expressions shouldn't be calculated, only sum(Sales) as it was before.

Is it possible? I've tried it in many ways but I can't figure it out.

Thanks in advance.

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Check attached


Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Again, lifesaver! Thanks a lot Sunny!