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3d bar graphs

Hey guys

is it possible to create 3d bar graphs like the one in the atached file?

I have tried but failed to find a way.

appriciate any help

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Creator III
Creator III

Here is the option you need.  I would recommend not using this type of representation if you can help it though because it is hard to compare the values.  For example in your pic above, you can't tell what the value for Tom/East is.


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when I try that I get the following chart.

This is very weird because the chart is stacked but you can see the West, East, North and South (circled) with no values.


Creator III
Creator III

Yeah, thats a little strange.  Is either the name or the direction set up as an expression?  Because you will only get the proper rendering with two dimensions and one expression.

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this is my table that I am using to produce the above chart.

Master II
Master II

As I said earlier, the problem is that you use one dimension and three expressions, while you should use 2 dimensions and one expression.

Convert your data in a form:

An Personn Percent

A1 Person1 12%


Then use first two as a dimension and Percent as an expression.

Creator III
Creator III

OK, so you need to crosstable that data so that your table looks more like below.  Your values should be in a single column so that way you only need one expression to report on them.  I have attached the qvw as example.  Hopefully that makes sense.

Name Region Value
Dick East 85
Dick North 10
Dick South 11
Dick West 54
Harry East 55
Harry North 15
Harry South 41
Harry West 6
Peter East 45
Peter North 12
Peter South 14
Peter West 47
Tom East 54
Tom North 13
Tom South 23
Tom West 14


Try like this,

Dimension: Name and ValueList('North','South','West','East')




Hope it helps

Thanks & Regards,
Mayil Vahanan R

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thanks alot guys.

you've given 2 solutions here.

One is to transform the data as shown in Aaron's post.

Second option is to use Mayil's Valuelist with the if expressions above.

I think the better way for me to go about this is to use Mayil's method because then  wouldn't have to transform the data.

thanks guys.

Master II
Master II

In some cases it's useful to have both representations of data.

Just add East, North, South, West fields to Aaron's table with corresponding values (skipping other region rows with nulls).

In this case you'll have a choice of what approach to use in a particular Chart or Expression.