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6 Months rolling with cumulative of data

I have a requirement where i have to display the rolling 6 months in my dashboard, which i have already implemented with the below set analysis.

I have a chart, where rolling 6 months is done, from MARCH  to AUGUST

consider each month 5 employees are added. so this chart will display cumulative of previous month.


Expression i have used

(RangeSum(above( count({<Month_Year ={"$(v6Months)","$(v5Months)","$(v4Months)","$(v3Months)","$(v2Months)","$(vCurrentMonth)"}>}distinct empid),0,12)))

where variable v3Months = num#(DATE(AddMonths(max(Month_Year),-3),'MMM-YYYY'))

I have 5 employees been added in JAN and FEB also. so, i want to display those month(JAN, FEB) cumulative counts also in the chart as below so the march should have cumulative of jan and feb as 15 and so on


Help me in this...


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Master II
Master II

everything same ..

just the dimesnsion limit part.

Learning never stops.