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9 Benefits of free service management software

All businessmen are hungry for owning a easy-to-use tool which enable them to sell more products and services, which including the requirement to give more available solutions to customers' questions. One valuable tool for a company is used to answer the consumers' questions timely and efficiently. That is where cloud computing come in. The ability for a consumer to have their questions answered accurately, which will better service the customers need for information. While the ability to answer a consumer's question effectively, which will save more time in doing the complex work.

The example of IT software:free service management software

Benefit 1. No installation

In a traditional IT setup, you need to have your helpdesk tool installed in every computer to access the service,which will waste time and money. By contrast with iKode helpdesk server, just sign up with your personal information, which can literally be accomplished in minutes. The system will assign you an account, you can sign in with them easily.  In addition, no matter where you are and when you want to access to the tool, nothing is impossible to you.

Benefit 2. Lower upfront cost

iKode Helpdesk Server is available for free for 1 agent/one department,/month And it just as low as $19.98/3 agents support/5 departement/month. This pricing model is advantageous for the small businesses and startups that want to make an optimum allocation. However, it could reward them more in the long run since you are billed one-time fee.

Benefit 3.Lower IT management costs

If you host the helpdesk in your enterprise server, your IT team has the responsibility of keeping the software updated in all systems, tracking security vulnerabilities and making sure the servers are always up-date. As you know, this is very complicated and expensive. Nevertheless, in the case of cloud-based helpdesk, the providers do all the server management jobs and they win better economies of scale by doing this.

Benefit 4. More reliable

The helpdesk, all the data, applications and information are stored in-house, which is at high risk if a disaster were to strike your office. As regarding to cloud helpdesk from a reputed provider, your data is backed up in different regions of the world, it is not a ease that a single disaster can wipe out your data and information.

Benefit 5.More custom-made function

Based on today's helpdesk, all customers view the same help screen. Because of different habits and hobbies, the needs of screen, form and position of button are various among different customers. This function can be realized easily in iKode Helpdesk Server. You can make the button easily based on your own preference, no matter you want it to be shown on left, on right or other position.

Benefit 6. More convenient management

Administrator can get a record from backstage, where he can observed the details about the assignment, the condition of the solution and so on, this information will benefit administrator to take charge of staff and to take control of the whole operation.

Benefit 7. Better for search engine

In iKode Helpdesk Server Knowledge base . You can created some useful FAQs article.  You can share the articles to social media such as facebook, twitter and so on. What's important is that the links in the articles will not be changed so that the back-links to your websites will be added, which is conducive to the searching engine optimization.

Benefit 8- Powerful Self-help Knowledge-Base

As you know, no customer is willing to take time in waiting for response, they prefer choose another company. In iKode Helpdesk Server, it easily generate searchable knowledge base articles. The knowledge base functionality allow you to share answers to others who're interested. Sorting article into related category and automatic article suggestions allow customers to find the answers they need quickly.

Benefit 9.Muti-language support

Cloud-based helpdesk software is widely-used, in iKode helpdesk server, there are six languages that customers can selected, they are English, Russian, German, French, Magyar and Chinese.

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