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Account balances by month in Quickbooks Advanced Reporting

Hi all,

I'm trying to make a straight table in Quickbooks Advanced Reporting (QBAR) that shows account balances by month for (for example) Accounts Receivable. I haven't been able to find much about it at all, but this is what I've tried in the expressions:

sum({<[Account.Account Type]={'Accounts Receivable'}>}[Transaction.Amount With Sign])

I can check the "Full Accumulate" box and this will give me what I want, visually. But it's useless if I want to use the displayed values to do other calculations, like if I wanted to find a ratio and divide Accounts Receivable by another field. QBAR seems to pull the monthly total numbers rather than the fully accumulated numbers.

I have also tried this:

sum({<[Account.Account Type]={'Accounts Receivable'}>}[Account.Balance])

This will give me the total current balance for Accounts Receivable and display that value for all the months in my table, rather than just the current month.

So how can I make QBAR give me a table of account balance by month with values that I can actually work with?


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Set analysis is the way to go forward but to help properly please Share some sample data along with desired output please.

Thanks for replying ,

Attached is a super simple journal entry sample and explanations of what I'm seeing.