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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Acquire meta data from QlikView documents?

Question: We have an internal project to harvest meta data from multiple qvw files to retrieve information on documents, load scripts, sheets, objects, fields, expressions and reports.  I can see that there are APIs that provide different levels of access, e.g. QMS SOAP API and QlikView Javascript API as described here: 

I can see in the QMS wsdl that we can use get fields but how to identify expressions and load scripts please?  I'm using Java rather than VB / .NET.  Any guidance appreciated.

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Did you try to load the xml-metadata of the qvw's? If not just use the table-wizard to pick the qvw and choose xml as file-format.

- Marcus


The QMS API is SOAP-based, and enables you to inspect/maintain the QlikView deployment infrastructure but not the contents of the QlikView documents.

To see inside QlikView documents you'll need to consider the OCX API or OLE Automation using the QlikView client. There is no convenient Java API for QlikView. 

Specialist II
Specialist II

The best way without making code by yourself is QV Document Analyzer :



I've used com4j in the past to bridge java into the OLE Automation COM Api.  It works, still requires you to run a desktop.

You can get some information reading the xml metadata in the qvw files --  some document properties, Tables, Fields, Objects and Expressions used in the Expression pane.  No script or attribute expressions. 

You might also consider running my free Document Analyzer tool in batch ( to collect data and process the CSV and QVD output with a tool of your choice.