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Action 'Select In Field' on a Dynamic Field Value

Hi all,

I have a button with action 'Select in Field', I would like to have the same selection criteria (Search String) applied on a different field each time, Based on other selections in my application. 

The field name can be found using variable/expression/inline table with field names.
I have an inline table with the relevant field names and a list box for the user to select the field name to filter on.

Is this possible? if so what would be the syntax?  - nothing worked so far.
I was only able to apply the selection when entering the Actual single Field Name.

My use case is that i have 7 Date fields and i would like to apply selections on  any of them by user's choice without having  separate Filter buttons for each date field. 

The idea is that the user will select the field he wants to filter on , select the date ranges to filter on and than when clicking the button the selection will be applied on the selected field. 

Thank you,








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I think it should be possible with a variable or an expression, for example:

[$(var)] or maybe [$(=only(ChosenDateField))]

and of course you need to adjust the example with your variable/field-names.

Beside this why so complicated and not just selecting the wanted values? You could simply choose a cyclic dimension-group for your date-dimensions within a listbox and then the users could select the values directly.

- Marcus


Hi Marcus,

Thanks for your reply, I'm Open to other seggestions

The user wants to select a Date Range - From Date:To Date , not to select spesific values. Is this possible using Cyclic Group?

Both syntax option didn't work. i can see that the result of my variable is the correct field name in a stright table. still the action doesn't work with this.



With classical date-ranges it won't be possible. I know they are quite popular but IMO they are seldom a good choice in Qlik at least not if they are used for further selection-actions.

An Alternative could be that the users just use a search within the listbox with something like: >=Date1<=Date2 whereby they just type their wanted dates. Another way would be to query the date-range results within a set analysis. And a further possibility would be to present the user common date-ranges like YTD, MTD, CW, LW, rolling periods, ... Such date-ranges could be created parallel within the master-calendars and/or maybe through an additionally As-Of-Table.

If any possible I would try to avoid actions or macros to select anything: Let-the-User-Select.

- Marcus

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Former Employee

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The only thing that might help get you in a different direction is the following Design Blog post:

There are hundreds of other posts on this area, just FYI, so if this one is sort of where you want to go, you may be able to do some further searching in that area and find other posts to further help as well.  Sorry I do not have anything better for you.


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