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Add expression to script

Hi everybody,

I am not good at editing the script of my Qlikview file. Most of the editing that I've done is with your help (thanks by the way ).

Now I want to add some set expressions to my script, so I can use their outcome instead of each time using set expression for all my tables and charts. Can someone provide me with the correct peace of text that I need to add to the script?

I have a field that is provided by the database that is called "CLIENTORDERS"

so I can use the expression sum(CLIENTORDERS) for each article and make my charts.

Actually sum(CLIENTORDERS) gives the same result as a set expression sum({$<OrderType={CLORDERS},Status={Open}>}BALANCE) but much easier.

Now  they've made some changes in the database, I need to alter the CLIENTORDERS value:

it should give the same result as sum({$<OrderType={CLORDERS},Status={Open}>}BALANCE) - sum({$<OrderType={CLORDERSFORECAST},Status={Open}>}BALANCE)

so maybe I can get this formula pre-calculated in the script and use a field like CLIENTORDERS_BIS to use as sum(CLIENTORDERS_BIS) in my charts or even more easy just update CLIENTORDERS to this new formula (do I don't have to change any expression in my charts)?

Best regards,


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Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi Davy,

can you share the script?


Hi Mohammed

Unfortunately no, my script only copies data from another qlikview file (once developed by an external company) and than adds some very basic lines (drop fields, bundle load images, add some excel data). Also, the once developed qlikview file has a hidden script so I cannot access it.