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Aggr and Sum

I have a table with these columns:

SerialKey BRR_SerialNo BRR_State BRR_RetireDate BRR_City

1. if I create this expression:

BRR_SerialNo + BRR_State + BRR_RetireDate + BRR_City

it wont work.

But if I write:

Sum(BRR_SerialNo + BRR_State + BRR_RetireDate + BRR_City)

it works. Why?

2. If I create this calculated dimension:

Sum(BRR_SerialNo + BRR_State + BRR_RetireDate + BRR_City) or BRR_SerialNo + BRR_State + BRR_RetireDate + BRR_City

it wont work.

But if I write:

aggr(Sum(BRR_SerialNo + BRR_State + BRR_RetireDate + BRR_City))

it works. Why?



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     Reason 1:

          When you say Expression, it should also be at aggregated level and thus the fields with multiple values will not work in Expression without any Aggregation Functions.

     Reason 2:

          When you want to use the Aggregated values in Dimension, it should be used only with Aggr functions.


Kaushik Solanki

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Hi Miguel,

Always remember, the expressions wil be calculated by each combination of related dimmentions you have in the object. In case that you don't have dimmentions, the expressions will be calculated for every selected data.

1. If you don't make an aggregation expression (like sum), QV doesn't know which value will be used for calculate the result. With Sum(), you are telling: take all related each one values of BRR_serialNo + BRR_State... and sum them.

2. What do you need to do? why do you use calculated dimmentions? You must think these kind of dimmentions like aggrupation of data, to show the expressions, not like expressions...

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I needed the first 3 columns to never move when I scroll right.

The way I've done it is using the first 3 columns as calculated dimensions and the rest as expressions.

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But this is a Raw table. I'm not doing any aggregation.

How come QV has to calculate any aggregation?