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Alert when reload is falied on schedule of Qlikview server

Hello all,

I have to send an alert mail when reload is falied on schedule of Qlikview server.

It works well when I test on developer, but When I schedule on Qlikview server, Qlikview server dose not send alert E-mail.

I used

ScriptErrorCount<>0 on condition.

Please give me some advice.

Thanks in advance.

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Specialist II
Specialist II

have you configured the email setting on server,...?


Specialist III
Specialist III

When you create a task using the Task creation wizard then you can enable the Notification option which will send alert emails when a reload fails. In QMC > System Tab > Distribution Service > right panel Alert Email (Here you can configure the email distribution group name who will receove the alert emails)

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I have small business edition, so I do not have distribution service. I have below tab.

I made setting like below and also the mail server in QMC, but reload fail alert mail does not work.

please give another advive.

thanks in advance.



I have experienced a similar issue and have a couple of points of note to help get it working.

>QMC > System > Mail Server

  • try sending emails to email addresses on the same exchange (check SMTP host name)
  • to send to multiple emails, separate with a 'space' not a 'semi colon'


Should a scheduled service fail, an email is sent identifying which task failed and shows some log details.