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All Data Connections on Hub are missing

Hi Qliksense Experts,

We are facing a weird issue in our Qliksense development environment. All the data connections are missing on the hub however, all these data connections are present on the QMC. We are not able to create new connections either, they are never visible while creating on the hub however they are getting created on the QMC.

There had been no changes either on the server side or in the security rules. We have compared all the security rules related to data connections with prod (working fine environment) yet, we are not able to decide where has this gone wrong. We have ran a DB cleanup script. we are running on 3.1 sync persistence.

your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Looks like no one faced this mystery and so there is no reply. I want to share the resolution if in case it helps someone.

We fixed this working with Qlik by deleting a data connection called "idevio-geoanalytics". Qlik advised that this dataconnection is the one that blocked all the connection/all data connection security rules. Strange thing is even qlik was not aware why this happened just with a data connection. They added they will research on the compatibility of this data connection.

If you are planning to use "idevio-geoanalytics" data connection(specially) or extension, please think twice.