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Creator III
Creator III

Allocated memory exceeded-Access Point

Hi experts:

I am facing a weird Access Point issue. My application is working fine on my desktop but When I try to open the application through Access Point, I find in some of the pivot tables data is not displayed instead they show ‘Allocated memory exceeded’. Application size is 13 mb and fact table contains merely 100000 records.

I checked memory allocation in console and it is set correctly (low 70%, high 90%).

Any help is much appreciated!


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Any suggestion on this??? I am also facing the same issue. I have a pivot chart wherein i have taken expressions as Dimension and dimension as expression. On desktop its working good without taking time but on accesspoint it gives an error message "Allocated Memory exceeded".

Please suggest

Creator III
Creator III

I was using Qlik 10 and I found it was not data but a particular function (mode) was culprit in my case. When I removed mode function from the tables, everything started working fine. Later on we switched to Qlik 11 and then I again added mode and it's working fine so far. I will suggest just eliminate expressions step by step and check what is causing issue, if it's not volume of data.

Creator III
Creator III

Try deleting un enabled expressions. or change it to Straight table