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Always show all dimensions in a Bar Chart

Hi all!

I have a Bar Chart with Month as a Dimension.

is there a way to permanently show all the Dimensions?

So even though only Jan and Feb are clicked. March till Dec still appear on the chart?

I would appreciate your help!!!


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I had this exact same issue. I resolved it be creating a lookup table tied to the data through the month and used a field from the lookup table in the bar chart. You can then set the chart to show null values and all months from the lookup table will show.

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Thanks for your effort!

But in this case i cannot change the DataModel behind. So is there a FrontendWay of solving this issue?


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this works for Bar charts.

In chart properties, presentation: Uncheck Suppress zero values and uncheck suppress missing.

In Chart properties, Dimensions for the month dimension: Check Supress When Value is Null and check Show All Values.

Haven't been able to do this for tables though which is very annoying. If anyone have a solution for tables (pivot or straight) I would be thankful.

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Here is a simple method that works:

You want to see if a Region does not sell anything for any calendar period

Ensure you have a counter in your dimension table eg: 1 as RegionCounter

Create your normal bar chart with Region as dimension and sum(YourSalesField)

as expression

Create a second expression


For this expression, in display Options, untick Bar

Just above it tick invisible

( the +1 ensures that there is always a value in the field)

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Andras,

Have you try this : Trick Qlik Sense to show all values by using a different Measure.

For instance, if you want to show  Sum( Sales ) then you can use the following expression instead: Sum( Sales ) + 0 * Sum( {1} Sales )