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Creator II
Creator II

Application Performance

Hello All,

From Application performance point of view, if fields name contains underscore(_) like Employee_Name then will it impact the application performance?

If we user field name as EmployeeName instead Employee_Name, will the performance of an application improved?

Also, if any other tips like this are available then please let me know as we tend to forgot or miss these kind small-small stuff.

Thanks in advance.


Imran Khan

2 Replies
Partner - Master
Partner - Master


I have never met in the literature and I myself have not observed in practice the dependence of the performance of Qlik applications on the length and specific values of field names and variables names.




Renaming fields doesn't have any relation with performance. It's the field distinctness which is the cause for performance. There are lot of bogs and threads on community to learn performance tuning.