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Auto Resizing of Bubbles problem in scatter chart


In 3rd expression of the bubble chart, i tried to give 3 sizes to the bubbles i.e, HIGH, MID, LOW. in which based on the 3 condtion checks assigning the 3 different values to plot HIGH, MID, LOW size bubbles.

it is working fine when values are present for all 3 i.e HIGH,MID, LOW.

Problem here is, when there is any one value is missing bubble size shifts by one automatically.

is ther any way to fix it ?

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Experts,

some more clarification is here,

In the 3rd expression i am using 3 conditons to plot the bubbles in 3 different sizes i.e, HIGH, MID , LOW size.

eg: if(A='LOW',20,



problem here is when all 3 values are present i.e, greater than 0. it works fine.

but when any one value is 0 then bubble size shifts by one level up.

Eg: 1. When HIGH value is 0 then MID bubble will plot in the size of HIGH and LOW bubble will plot in the size of MID.

2. if MID and HIGH both values are 0. then LOW bubble will plot in the size of HIGH.

Expection is respective bubbles should always plot in the size given in the conditon rather than automatically resize itself.

Please suggest ?

Thanks in advance.