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Contributor II
Contributor II

Bar Chart to be displayed Based on One Value of Expression

Hi Gurus,

I have to display a bar chart based only on One Value of an Expression. The requirement is to display a bar chart initially with One Value of an Expression.

Example: I have a dimension (Month) and Expression (Leave Types). Month contains multiple values in different leave types. Leaves Types are Annual, Sick, Half Day, Business Travel, Examination etc. So data is something like this.

Month         Leave Type    

Jan             Annual

Jan             Sick

Feb            Annual

Feb            Business Travel

Feb            Sick

Feb            Examination

Mar            Annual

The requirement is to display a Bar chart containing Month on X-Axis and Count of Leave Type on Y-Axis. At the start of dashboard, only Annual Leaves details should be shown only in this Bar Chart. I cannot set the overall value in Leave Type as Annual as it will make other objects to be fixed initially on Leave Type - Annual. I added another Calculated Dimension as Annual but it is not effecting the X-Axis. The X-Axis coming with the counts of all Leave Types.

Picture 1 (Leave_Type_Annual) shows two objects. The second object (Leave Type Monthly Trend) should be based on selection of value in first object (Emp. By Leave Types - 2018). But, at the start of dashboard, all values should come on first object and second object should be displayed only with Annual Leave Type data.

Picture 2 (Leave_Type_Annual_2) shows the values which has to be appear initially in second object.

If anybody can help me out and let me know how to initially fix the Bar-Chart with only Annual Leave Type value.



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Contributor II
Contributor II

No one is replying ...


share sample .qvw


Hi Imran,

Select the Month and LeaveType in the Dimensions and write two expressions as

Exp1: =IF([Leave Type]='Annual', Sum(LeaveCount),0) ( Check conditional and write "=IF(GetSelectedCount([Leave Type])<= 0, 1,0)" )

Exp2: =sum(LeaveCount) ( Check Conditional and write "=IF(GetSelectedCount([Leave Type])>=1,1,0)" ).

This will keep the Bar chart with Annual Leavetype Counts displayed when no filters are selected.