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Binary and Section Access

Hello all,

I have a large document that gets loaded infrequently, which uses section access (details stored in an external file).

I need to add additional users to the document but without having to reload it.

I copied the document (which has 'prevent binary load' unchecked) and then replaced the script with a 'binary' statement (the actual source actually contains just an 'include' to a script file but I dont think thats important). By doing so that will preserve the objects/variables etc.

I then added section access after the include statement followed by a 'load distinct' of the security file in the expectation that it would just add the new users to the new document. However, it doesnt - if I just have the section access then it has the effect of removing the existing security. I cant drop the original {Access Control] in the script of course because it doesnt exist.

So the code in the copied document is simply:

BINARY "E:\QVApplications\QVTest\test.qvw";

Section Access;

[Access Control]:


FROM securityfile;

Is that to be expected (using v9sr4)? How is it possible to add new users without reloading the document (I dont want to change the existing code to use 'partial reload' if I can help it)?



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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Gordon,

how did you solve it? I'm very interessted to find a way how to do a partial reload of an include statement (section access) withour reloading the whole document.

Many thanks to you!