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Contributor III
Contributor III

Blank or Missing Records in Calculated Dimension


I am having a problem with some report output.

I want all the results to be either 'Internal' or 'External'

There is a table SOLD_TO contating customer information including InternalExternal, and my calculated dimension in hte chart results in 3 different possibilites, Internal, External and '-'

When a customer does not exist in SOLD_TO I want them to fall under External.  The code below (I have tried both) works in each case on my desktop but when i put it on the Access Point, the missing customers do not fall under External, rather the show up in the '-' output.


=if(not IsNull([InternalExternal]),[InternalExternal],'External')

Is there some server setting that causes this???




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Former Employee
Former Employee

Really need sample QVW file in this case to do testing and looking into things in order to determine where the issue may lie.  

It would appear to me that you have something going on with the Null values or something though, and that may be a setting in the QVS settings, but generally you control that in the Script Set statements, but you may want to check the QVS Settings.ini file to see if someone put in a related setting there that may be overriding things etc.  About the best I can offer with what you have provided.  One thing you may want to do is compare your Desktop Settings.ini to the QVS Settings.ini file to see what may be missing or set differently that way.  


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