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Box Plot Chart

Hi All,

I am attaching herewith Sample Qlikview document for my query.

I have been told to design a box plot chart showing date wise Maximum and Minimum Unit Selling price for the selected product during the month.

I am absolutely new to Box Plot Chart and I have no idea as to how to make it. Have only heard about this.

The Excise Invoice Date should be my dimension and expression would be Unit Selling Price.

Please guide me and make a sample box plot chart for the same so that I can understand the logic behind the same.


Manish Prasad

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Did you play around with Box Plot wizard?

Boxplot Wizard Start Page ‒ QlikView

Also, look here

Recipe for a Box Plot

I have created a sample box plot chart, but not sure if this is what you want or not




Hi Sunny,

I have downloaded an example of Box Plot loaded by another user, which I was studying but could not as I have absolutely no idea of it. I am attaching the same here.

Can you make this type of Box Plot Chart for my data. I am also again attaching your sample document here where you had made a sample box plot chart, but I want box plot as per chart in the other attached document.

Please modify your chart so that I can study the chart and the way it is to be designed. Then I will be able to design different box plot charts as per my requirements as I have been told to make two box plot charts one for Date wise Unit Selling Price (Products Wise) and another Customer wise.

I am expecting output of max 159.10 and min 154.10 for 20th Jun you have chosen for your sample box plot chart for the selected value of C G Sheets. I would like to see the data Date Wise also and also Month wise if required later on.

So if you can help me out with one example chart then I will be able to learn the process. If still there be problem I can always have my problems solved by the experts in this forum.


Manish Prasad


Is this from the link that avinashelite‌ shared below? He might be able to help you much better here since he is the original creator of that post. Avinash, do you mind helping Manish here?