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Bugs(?) in 9.0 Release


Sorry, I wanted to file this in the beta-Buglist but apperently I was a few hours late. However I experience some strange errors with the OCX.

- The first one is that after bug #20763 was corrected, a call to QlikOcx.OpenDocument() now correctly returns a reference to the opened document and also QlikOcx.ActiveDocument is set correctly. This is however not the case if QlikOcx.CreateDocument ist called. It correctly returns a reference, but QlikOcx.ActiveDocument remains null and also a subsequent call to QlikOcx.HasOpenDocuments returns false.

- The second one is that I get a ComException with the errorcode


whenever I try to set QlikOcx.ProductLevel. An additional problem is that the enum QVX_LVL_ALL seems to only contain a single constant for QVX_LVL_DEVELOPER. The previously available ones for QVX_LVL_ANALYZER, QVX_LVL_ANALYZER_PLUS, QVX_LVL_PROFESSIONAL and QVX_LVL_ENTERPRISE are apperently missing.

- A third problem I just found is that if I do the following:


var report = Ocx.Application.CreateEmptyReport();
report.Id = "myReportId";


The call to GetUserReport results in an COMException with HRESULT E_FAIL error.

GetReport and GetDocReport on the other hand return the previously added report correctly.

Cheers, Karsten

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