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Button action is not working?


- I've a list box with field Status and the data of this field is Bad,Good(code=693).

  • Bad
  • Good(code=693)

- In edit script i've a table with different number of fields. Some of them are ID,A,B,C.

- I'm loading the tables as show in below code:


Load ID,A,B,C,

If(Len(If(A<> 693, A)) > 0, A) AS A1,

from Table.qvd;


Load * inline [




-  I've taken A1 filed in another listbox and the listbox contains the data like this:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 5

- I had taken a varaible vData and i can able to store the selected values of both listbox in this variable. If i select Good in the first listbox and 2 in the second listbox. The value of the variable is like this (693|2)

- In button  i had taken a SelectedField action(i.e A) and given the SearchString as VData

- Now i had taken a tablebox with ID,A,B,C. When i click the button it should show the column A with 693,2 only but it shows only 2.

- I tried to solve this problem at last i find the bug why it is happening. The think is the listbox with field A1 as the relation ship with all contents. So, when i select 2 in the listbox in backend the tablebox renders the data with selection 2 only. So, after selection when we click the button it is not applying whatever the action we written here.

I don't know why it is not applying the last action. Can anyone help me to overcome this.

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For your refernce i'm attaching my sample qvw file...

Please go through the enclosed file so that you can get better understanding on the above task.



You cannot do exclusive selections in a tablebox. Hence when A1 has value "1" it cannot make field A select value "693", because they are exclusive. I'd rather create a logic island (a table unlinked to the rest of the datamodel) with the possible values for each field A and A1, and use them in the button on one field. The issue now is that A1 has exclusive values to A and viceversa, so you either select them in A1 or in A, but not in both at the same time.

Hope that makes sense.

Miguel Angel Baeyens

BI Consultant

Comex Grupo Ibérica