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Contributor II
Contributor II

Button and Document Field Change Actions not working in Ajax


I just pushed a new version of a QlikView app to the AccessPoint Ajax server and enhanced document triggers (on change) and button actions (also on change) no longer seem to be working completely when in Ajax.

QV Version is April 2019 where all was good on the desktop. The AccessPoint server is using the same build version.

These aren't 'On Open' Document triggers. I'm aware of that issue.

I've searched and found no apparent issues or fixes.

Could someone point me towards a solution please?


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Former Employee
Former Employee

I would recommend reviewing the Help to ensure you are not using an action which is not supported in Ajax client for starters:

It may be some sort of timing issue as well, but if you review the Help, and things appear to not be working as described in the Help, then I would recommend opening a Support case and attaching app in question, so we can review to see if we are able to replicate the issue etc.  You did not mention which SR (Service Release) you are running, be sure you have tested in the latest SR for the April 2019 track too, as that is what we will do when testing things on our side.  I believe SR3 is the most current release of April 2019.


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